Azerty NEON


And our journey continues…


Two years ago, we decided to create something that wouldn’t just give us an income but that would add colours and happiness to people’s life. As a positive minded family, we always enjoyed spreading happiness among individuals. Once, we passed by a coffee shop and saw a “la vie est belle” neon sign that immediately attracted our attention and got us excited.

When we came back home we started to work on a neon sing of our own, and in just a few days we succeeded in making our first neon sign. We used it as a way to welcome clients to our smartphone repair shop. We hung it on the entrance wall to add a friendly welcome to our clients. This led to several friends and clients asking if we could make similar signs for them and so we started to produce and sell bespoke neon sign of high quality.

Just like our name Azerty Neon, there is no limits to your wishes.
(AZERTY (/əˈzɜːrti/) is a specific layout for the characters of the Latin alphabet on typewriter keys and computer keyboards.)

Azerty Neon creates and manufactures neon lettering with a customized message. There are no limits and there is nothing we can’t make. Messages of being content, joy, love and comfort can be made to suit any occasion, you can add a lovely wrapping and give it to your friends, family or to yourself.

With the option to customize your own design, you can create personalized motivational words, birthday greetings and wedding gifts. Give your home a touch of energy and inspiration with bright lettering and motifs.

With the addition to your unique design, you will also receive a high quality product that will blend perfectly with your interior design.

We are running a family business based in Zurich with 3 technicians with many years of experience in lighting technology, smartphone technology and building technology.